tina mai

  • tina mai

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    co-founder @


    engineering the social fabric that once only existed in institutions

    featured twice in

    won Stanford's oldest & largest startup competition in consumer category

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    studying CS & design engineering @ Stanford (on a leave of absence)
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    sometimes i write essays. other times i think about writing them and mourn that i don't have much time to write anymore.

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    for making fintech software for the unbanked @ 15

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    built NLP-based voice accessible app for visually-impaired youth, awarded by

    @ 16

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    published in the

    @ 16, youngest recipient of the Atlanta Review International Poetry Award, + some other awards for writing

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    spoke at

    @ 17 about building a nuclear fusion reactor in the garage

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    immigrated to the U.S. at 7. followed my parent's american dream to go to a good college. found my best friends there, then left after 10 weeks to pursue a riskier dream.

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    Or: On Modern Serendipity, Tech Twitter, and Luck as Agency

    Kernel Magazine (2024)

  • 02

    UX Collective (2022)

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    you can find other pieces of mine (particularly fiction & personal essays) published across the internet. call it a scavenger hunt or whatever.